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140 We're Not English, We Are Scouse Saw it on Youtube Soittoluettelo
295 Best Behaved Supporters In The Land Best supporters in the world Soittoluettelo
433 Where's Your Mourinho Yet another sung to Chelsea. Soittoluettelo
485 JT's Ma Why wouldn't she? (Ed: Sorry JT) Soittoluettelo
789 Bounce In A Minute Accompanied by jumping up and down Soittoluettelo
13601 Sortiris Kyrgiakos (We Can'T Pronounce His Name) The new big guy at the back. Just a shame about the name...
13651 U-N-I-T-E-D sticking it up the b*stards
15368 2001 F.A Cup Quality song re Owens two late goals in the 2001 FA Cup fina v Arsenal
15782 Sammy Lee Funny...
16029 Dirk Kuyt Another version of the Dirk Kuyt song
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16095 Ugly Rooney Poor Rooney
16538 Dodgy Nemanja Just for the overated centre back
16628 Rafa's Got His Dirk Kuyt Sounds very similar to Rafa's got his Dick Out
16783 Fergies Men Think There The Best To the tune of Liverbird upon my chest (Ed: Genius lyrics)
16826 Dirk Kuyt Liverpool fans salute their striker to tune of Lord of the Dance.
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