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109 Carlisle Songs & amp; Jalkapallo lauluja

The Warwick's blue army in fine voice

1369 We Are Carlisle Sung with Pride Soittoluettelo
1631 Cumbria My Lord God's country Soittoluettelo
2308 Falling In Love A Carlisle anthem Soittoluettelo
4644 Carlisle Till I Die Always and forever Carlisle United Soittoluettelo
4990 Blue And White Army A classic football chant from Carlisle fans Soittoluettelo
5071 We Love You Carlisle Lifetime loving Soittoluettelo
5165 Blues Go Marching In I'm there... Soittoluettelo
5561 United! (Clap) Classic Carlisle ringtone Soittoluettelo
5674 Blues! Really good carlisle chant, great to use as a ringtone. Soittoluettelo
5752 Proud To Be A Cumbrian Hands together fellas Soittoluettelo
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6033 Build A Bonfire Burn Soittoluettelo
6400 Can You Hear The Leeds Scum Sing? Good one to play to your dirty Leeds fan mates Soittoluettelo
6457 Greggy Abbott's Blue And White Army One for our old manager Soittoluettelo
6648 Der Der Carlisle Nice chant sang elsewhwere I know but a rouser and good Carlisle ringtone for mobile phone/ iphone Soittoluettelo
6665 Cumbrians We are Carlisle Soittoluettelo
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