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110 Carlisle Songs & amp; Jalkapallo lauluja

The Warwick's blue army in fine voice

1397 Cumbria My Lord God's country Soittoluettelo
1876 Falling In Love A Carlisle anthem Soittoluettelo
3816 Blues Go Marching In I'm there... Soittoluettelo
4110 Blues! Really good carlisle chant, great to use as a ringtone. Soittoluettelo
4510 Can You Hear The Leeds Scum Sing? Good one to play to your dirty Leeds fan mates Soittoluettelo
4690 Cumbrians We are Carlisle Soittoluettelo
4788 Great Escape - Carlisle A classic footie song from Carlisle Soittoluettelo
4991 EIEIEIO Abbott is our king! Soittoluettelo
5250 Que Sera Sera See You At Wembley Soittoluettelo
5527 De De De De Ed: This one was sent in without lyrics, anyone know them? If so enter them in the comments box below Soittoluettelo
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5617 We All Hate Leeds Scum Sang by everyone isn't it? Soittoluettelo
5800 Shall We Sing A Song For You Making up for the oppsition Soittoluettelo
5996 Gary Madine Goal Machine The centre forward who keeps on scoring Soittoluettelo
6387 Cockney Rent Boy AImed at cockneys believe it or not Soittoluettelo
6841 Take Me Home No lyrics for this one - do you know them? Soittoluettelo
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