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256 Chester Songs & Football Chants

Chester are back and are no longer singing the blues

10024 I Am A Chester Fan Proud to be Chester (Ed: To tune of Sex Pistols - Anarchy) Soittoluettelo
13581 Who Are We? Blue Army! Ali Holden in fine voice.
14422 And We're A Grand Old Team And to support
14659 Never Play You Again Chester havin' a go @ predicting a Wrexham relegation.
14901 Goin' Down City havin' a go at Wrexham to the tune of Eng-ger-land!
15823 All Hate Stewards Sang to stewards
15981 We've Won It Before Telling everyone how we're going us as Champions, to the tune of "that boy Ronaldo"
16223 Walking In A Vaughany Wonderland Tongue in cheek effort aimed at full back James Vaughan
16417 Boom Boom Boom The Outhere Brothers' Boom Boom Boom - to Simon Yeo
17072 What Shall I Be Chester shooting the sheep s*aggers.
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17313 Away In A Manger Chester Christmas Classic
17545 Oh West Cheshire Chester City singin' for the county
18242 Stayin Up Last day of the season quality chant 08/09
18396 Chester Boys Say We Are Here! Classic on an away day
18627 Kelly's Gonna Get Ya! for Chester centre back Shaun Kelly to the tune of "Belly's gonna get ya"
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