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117 Gillingham Songs & amp; Jalkapallo lauluja

Kent's finish fans the gills

3532 You're Not Singing Anymore when the opposition shut up, normally because of a goal Soittoluettelo
4567 Come On You Gills (Slow) A good Gillingham football song to sing Soittoluettelo
4640 Gillingham, Gillingham, Gillingham Makes a great Gillingham ringtone Soittoluettelo
4682 We're Going Down In A Minute Sung just before being relegated. Typical Gill humour Soittoluettelo
5443 Blue Army! Gillinghams blue army Soittoluettelo
5506 Gillingham Till I Die At least Soittoluettelo
5820 Stand Up For The Gillingham Off yer seats guys Soittoluettelo
6821 Ring Of Fire - Gillingham Song to hum along to Soittoluettelo
6939 The Gills To the tune of Hey Jude Soittoluettelo
7333 We Love You Gillingham Makes a great ringtone for a Gillingham fan Soittoluettelo
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7340 Dirty Northerners Typical Northerners Soittoluettelo
7471 Follow Wherever You Go Not the best recording but worth including Soittoluettelo
7820 Gillingham Giiiiiiilingham! Soittoluettelo
7915 Celery, Celery Sung by others, but still unusual Soittoluettelo
7999 Blue And White Army (With Sound) Sung all the time :) Soittoluettelo
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