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105 Gillingham Songs & amp; Jalkapallo lauluja

Kent's finish fans the gills

3662 Come On You Gills (Slow) A good Gillingham football song to sing Soittoluettelo
3764 Gillingham, Gillingham, Gillingham Makes a great Gillingham ringtone Soittoluettelo
3814 We're Going Down In A Minute Sung just before being relegated. Typical Gill humour Soittoluettelo
4324 Gillingham Till I Die At least Soittoluettelo
4646 Stand Up For The Gillingham Off yer seats guys Soittoluettelo
5334 De, De, De, De, Dud, Ded Dur Song to hum along to Soittoluettelo
5452 The Gills To the tune of Hey Jude Soittoluettelo
5873 Follow Wherever You Go Not the best recording but worth including Soittoluettelo
6152 Celery, Celery Sung by others, but still unusual Soittoluettelo
6166 When The Gills Go Marching In I wanna be in that number Soittoluettelo
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6285 In Your Northern Slums Scumbags Soittoluettelo
7115 Let's Go Mental Let's 'ave it Soittoluettelo
7615 We Want Scally Out Scally Out! Soittoluettelo
7952 You're Not Famous Sung to teams such as Leeds Soittoluettelo
8279 He's Taking Us Down And he robbed the crown Soittoluettelo
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