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427 Rushden Songs & amp; Jalkapallo lauluja

The diamonds are no more but you can still reminisce here

7946 We Are Rushden We are Rushden
8411 White Flag Flying High Classic Rushden football chant
8876 We Are R&D We Are R&D
9342 We Hate Kettering Mortal foes
13100 You Are My Rushden To the tune of "You Are My Sunshine"
13596 Rushden Till I Die Forever and ever Rushden
14089 We Want Our Fraggle Back (Ed: Not sure what this one means, if anyone can nlighten us put your comments below)>
18398 The Rushden Boys the Rushden boys
18873 Rushden & Diamonds Rushden & diamonds
19362 Diamond Road Great song from Rushden
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