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485 Rushden Songs & amp; Jalkapallo lauluja

The diamonds are no more but you can still reminisce here

5416 The Rushden Boys the Rushden boys
6112 Rushden & Diamonds Rushden & diamonds
6809 Diamond Road Great song from Rushden
12350 We Are Rushden We are Rushden
13048 White Flag Flying High Classic Rushden football chant
13743 We Are R&D We Are R&D
14441 We Hate Kettering Mortal foes
19982 You Are My Rushden To the tune of "You Are My Sunshine"
20679 Rushden Till I Die Forever and ever Rushden
21375 We Want Our Fraggle Back (Ed: Not sure what this one means, if anyone can nlighten us put your comments below)>
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