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12 Spurs Songs & amp; Jalkapallo lauluja

The boys from White Hart Lane on song - and no sign of Chas 'n' Dave!

36 You're Not Famous Anymore Sang at Leeds.. Soittoluettelo
288 Ledley One Knee John who? Soittoluettelo
332 Just a Little Boy Anti Arsenal, it says it all.
524 Jermain Defoe A few for the little fella.
620 Sit Down Pinocchio One for Gareth Southgate
663 We Are the Army We're the yid army, and we are mad......
709 2 Nil No noise and 2 nil up. Sad... Soittoluettelo
1219 You’ll Never Take the Park Lane Spurs version of the Scousers Walk On.
1244 Whose Got a Big Fat Mum Sang at the Lane when we played Man City
1404 Bale, Bale For the best player in the Premier League Soittoluettelo
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1527 One Michael Ashley Spurs taking the Michael out of Newcastle, pardon the pun! Soittoluettelo
1621 We Love You Mod Chant for Modric - Tune of 'We are the Mods' (Quadrophenia)
1667 Viva John Terry Chant One for Chelsea's captain
1696 Up Your A*se Anti ARSE-anal chant
1915 Hark Now Hear the Tottenham Sing Listen up. Soittoluettelo
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