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53 Wigan Songs & amp; Jalkapallo lauluja

Loud and proud in the North West!

197 Yanic Wildschut Song for Yanic Wildschut, sung on his first game as a permanent player against Sheffield Utd 12/1/16 Soittoluettelo
521 Der Der Athletic (fast) Another rouser, not great quality, sorry. Soittoluettelo
557 Triumphal March - Wigan One to hum along to Soittoluettelo
621 Roger Espinoza Ode to the Honduran Midfielder Soittoluettelo
1252 Here 'cos It's Ten Pounds Rib tickler, making fun of cheap tickets Soittoluettelo
1317 Your Ground's Too Big for You Empty seats, empty seats, empty seats,(you know the one)... Soittoluettelo
1670 Emile Heskey Top Wigan striker. Soittoluettelo
1948 That Boy N'Zogbia He plays on the left, and the right Soittoluettelo
2366 We Love You Wigan We do. Another great Wigan ringtone. Soittoluettelo
2551 We're the Pride Amen
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2644 Pascal A nice chant for Pascal Chimbonda Soittoluettelo
3063 Wigan, Wigan, Wigan Simple but effective. Soittoluettelo
3287 Emile Heskey Song To the tune of walking in a winter wonderland.
3342 Robert Is a Wiganer About our manager, Roberto Martinez Soittoluettelo
3557 You've Only Scored One Bit of self-loathing never hurt anyone... Soittoluettelo
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