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52 Wigan Songs & amp; Jalkapallo lauluja

Loud and proud in the North West!

309 We Love You Wigan We do. Another great Wigan ringtone. Soittoluettelo
1057 You Are My Sunshine Always a ray of sunshine at the JJB. Soittoluettelo
1525 Der Der Athletic (fast) Another rouser, not great quality, sorry. Soittoluettelo
2101 One Nil To The Referee 12 men against us. Soittoluettelo
2921 Take Me Home Wigan Latics! Soittoluettelo
3340 Just Can't Get Enough More,more,more Soittoluettelo
4181 Gary, Gary Gary Caldwell, our Captain Soittoluettelo
4291 The Famous Wigan Latics And yep, you guessed it, we're off to Wembley... Soittoluettelo
5177 Lancashire La La La The red,red rose... Soittoluettelo
5988 It's Carson You Know Never believe he scores goals... Soittoluettelo
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6097 He's One Of Your Own Sung at Leeds Soittoluettelo
6450 Emile Heskey Song To the tune of walking in a winter wonderland.
6613 You'll Never Win F**k All That's you told... Soittoluettelo
6628 Der der Victor Victor Moses, our top left winger Soittoluettelo
7063 FA Cup Champions! We Know What We Are Commemorating our victory over Man City in the FA Cup final 2013 Soittoluettelo
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