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52 Wigan Songs & amp; Jalkapallo lauluja

Loud and proud in the North West!

329 We Love You Wigan We do. Another great Wigan ringtone. Soittoluettelo
1212 Come On Wigan A rouser for the lads, great Wigan ringtone. Soittoluettelo
1258 We've Won It Two Times Sang in reply to Liverpools '5 times' Soittoluettelo
1297 You Are My Sunshine Always a ray of sunshine at the JJB. Soittoluettelo
1622 Wigan Latics FC Another classic. Soittoluettelo
1861 Wigan (clap) Latics giving it some. Soittoluettelo
2533 Blue And White Army Awesome stomper of a chant from Wigan Soittoluettelo
2942 I'm A Believer Classic Wigan Anthem Soittoluettelo
3318 Wigan! (drums) Awesome Wigan chant, makes a class ringotne Soittoluettelo
4338 Take Me Home Wigan Latics! Soittoluettelo
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4374 Just Like Being In Church Quiet little mice. Soittoluettelo
4921 Ali Al-Habsi Funny chant about our goalie, on loan from Bolton Soittoluettelo
4933 Di Santo, Oh Always believe in your soul Soittoluettelo
4995 Just Can't Get Enough More,more,more Soittoluettelo
5486 Triumphal March Wigan One to hum along to Soittoluettelo
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